advertising ad‧ver‧tis‧ing [ˈædvətaɪzɪŋ ǁ -ər-] noun [uncountable] MARKETING
telling people publicly about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it:

• Most organizations underestimate the benefits of advertising.

Television advertising revenues declined by 2.9%.

ˌbusiness-to-ˈbusiness ˌadvertising
MARKETING when a company advertises its products or services to other companies or to professional people, not to the general public
comˌparative ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising that directly compares one company's products with another company's. Comparative advertising is illegal in some countries
conˌsumer ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising that is directed at ordinary people, not at businesses:

• Most consumer advertising offers people products they might enjoy but don’t really need.

ˌcorporate ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising that tells people about a company, rather than about its products:

• The results of corporate advertising are often difficult to measure.

diˌrect ˈadvertising MARKETING
1. advertising that uses traditional methods such as television or magazine advertisements:

• Because direct advertising of cigarettes is forbidden in Italy, other strategies for cigarette promotion are being developed.

2. advertising that involves contacting people directly, for example by writing to them, to tell them about a product or service:

• We are planning to launch a direct advertising campaign.

diˌrect reˈsponse ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising which a customer has to respond to directly, by returning a form, making a phone call etc rather than simply going to a shop to buy the product
diˌrect-to-conˈsumer ˌadvertising
MARKETING advertising on television or in newspapers etc for medicines and drugs that people can buy in shops, rather than those they get from a doctor:

• Results of the FDA survey reveal that most doctors think that direct-to-consumer advertising on radio, television and in magazines helps people more than it hurts them.

ˈdrip ˌadvertising MARKETING
when advertisements for a product or service are shown repeatedly over a long period of time
ˈimage ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising that tries to give people a specific image about a product or company, for example an image of luxury, excitement, adventure etc:

• Be wary of image advertising featuring posh offices, when all you really need is basic, reliable service.

instiˈtutional ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising that aims to improve the image of an organization or industry, or of a product in general such as fish or milk:

• institutional advertising such as the `See a Solicitor' series of leaflets

ˈissue ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising that is not intended to sell a product or service, but rather to change people's opinions or behaviour:

• anti-smoking campaigns and other issue advertising

ˌmass ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising designed to reach large numbers of people, for example through newspapers and television:

• The retail industry has focused too much on mass advertising and not enough on service.

ˌoutdoor ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising that is seen outside, for example advertisements on billboard S and vehicles:

• a ban on outdoor advertising of cigarettes within 1,000 feet of schools

ˌout-of-home ˈadvertising MARKETING
advertising that people see or hear when they are not at home:

• It is important to choose the right location for your out-of-home advertising.

ˌpoint of ˈpurchase ˌadvertising also ˌpoint of ˈsale ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising for a product in places where it is sold:

• point-of-sale advertising designed to prevent a last-minute change of mind

ˈprint ˌadvertising
MARKETING advertising in newspapers and magazines:

• Although print advertising is not growing as quickly as online media, it is still a very profitable business.

ˈproduct ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising for particular products, rather than a brand or a company:

• The company decided to withdraw all product advertising from television to concentrate its resources on direct marketing.

ˈspot ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising that companies do on television or radio:

• The US broadcast industry alone generates approximately $15 billion from television spot advertising

— spot advertisement also spot ad informal noun [countable] :

• Spot advertisements generally last for 20 to 30 seconds.

subˈliminal ˌadvertising MARKETING
advertising that has hidden messages and pictures in it, that are supposed to give people information without them being conscious of it

* * *

advertising UK US /ˈædvətaɪzɪŋ/ noun [U] MARKETING
the activity of making products or services known about and persuading people to buy them: TV/online/radio advertising »

Understand how effective online advertising is and how different users react to different kinds of adverts.

cigarette/tobacco/alcohol, etc. advertising »

They want to ban tobacco advertising on billboards.


Around half of its $2.6m revenues last year came from advertising.


The company has also halved its advertising budget, the simplest and easiest cost to cut.


advertising costs/revenue


an advertising strategy

the industry involved with making products or services known about and persuading people to buy them: »

She works in advertising.

the advertising business/industry/sector »

Marketing on social networking sites is a fast-growing part of the online advertising business.


an advertising executive/manager


an advertising company/group

pictures, signs, pieces of film, etc. that are used to advertise products or services: »

They stopped using his image in their advertising after his arrest.


We spend a lot of money on TV commercials and other advertising.

See also BRAND ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑brand advertising), BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑business-to-business advertising), COMPARATIVE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑comparative advertising), CONSUMER ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑consumer advertising), CORPORATE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑corporate advertising), DIRECT ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑direct advertising), DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑direct response advertising), DRIP ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑drip advertising), IMAGE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑image advertising), INSTITUTIONAL ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑institutional advertising), ISSUE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑issue advertising), MASS ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑mass advertising), OUTDOOR ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑outdoor advertising), OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑out-of-home advertising), POINT-OF-PURCHASE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑point-of-purchase advertising), POINT-OF-SALE ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑point-of-sale advertising), PRINT ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑print advertising), PRODUCT ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑product advertising), SPOT ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑spot advertising), SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑subliminal advertising)

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